Nice Matters: A short story

A friend called me today to thank me for a referral.  It was nice.  Nice matters.

It matters because in a world where we are bombarded with to do items – 100+ emails, text, phone calls, deadlines – it is hard to just stop and say thank you.  Hard, but not impossible.

I owed this friend a few along the way.  She is the only person when I started my business to share her gross income and real highs and low.  She did not have to, but she knew I was stepping out on a ledge and should know some of the specifics of what that meant.  I still remember the conversation vividly because I was blown away by her honesty.  Nice matters.

I am reminded to slow down today and listen to a couple people that I have been too busy to respond to.  From 4 to 5 I blocked out time to empty all my flagged emails and give two verbal thank you messages.  If I believe that nice matters I better live it.

I am sure my friend did not know her simple phone call would stir things up like this.  It did.

Nice has a way of doing that.

Nice STILL matters.

2 thoughts on “Nice Matters: A short story

  1. Scott,

    Great story! I love “nice”. Nice STILL matters and actually I think it is one of the few things that matter.

    ~ Interesting learning, is that so many are not used to people being “nice” to them that they interpret something else out of just “nice”! On the same note, being nice and giving people time and attention can provide hope and inspiration in a life changing way.

    At the risk of being misinterpreted, I believe in “nice”. If we take care of people in a nice way, life has a way of taking care of itself.

    Best wishes for continued success AND congratulations on your son’s graduation!!!

    Celeste Stachurski
    Cohort 13

  2. Celeste – Thanks for your comments. You made me think about watching people as I am being nice to them over the next few weeks and see what kind of impact it has on them. I appreciate your perspective.

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