Talent Management Templates

Talent Management Templates

Onboarding Talent

  1. Team Member Fact Sheet
  2. Role Summary and Focus (a performance and engagement focused job description)

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Developing Talent – Tools (for more info see trU Tip #15 – Development Plans)

  1. Performance Conversations – Feedback Form Template
  2. Performance Conversations – Directions Template
  3. Performance Conversations – General Template
  4. Performance Conversations – Stand-Alone Development Plan Template
  5. Proven Process – Career Development

Day to Day Leadership of Talent (for more info see trU Tip #16 – A tool to make leadership a partnership)

  1. trUPerformance™ – One-on-One Template
  2. trUPerformance™ – One-on-One Template Version 2
  3. trUPerformance™ – Rules/Guidelines for Great One-on-Ones (Read trU Tip #22 for more info on doing this well) 

Leadership Transitions

  1. Proven Process – New Leader Transitions
  2. Success Plan

Talent Management – Other Critical Processes and Documents

  1. Talent Management Calendar
  2. SMART-Er Goals Worksheet
  3. Selection – Proven Process
  4. Interview Process Template
  5. Feedback to Action Worksheet

Talent Management – Using Surveys Effectively

  1. Organizational Conversation – Employee Survey:  Tips for doing it well
  2. New Leader Transitions – Giving a leader a snapshot of the culture of their new team

Yours to use. My only requirement: If you find ways to improve on these, send me your changes so I can share with others.