The Honest Culture Journey

How to build a sustainable organization with great culture and performance.

What is it?

The Honest Culture Journey is an approach I've developed to help business owners build relationships and leadership talent - to help you get more of what you want from your business by connecting the strategic planning process with the execution of those plans and the day-to-day management.

Using the lens of honest culture to manage the strategic planning process will make the outcomes so much more powerful and the journey so much more energizing.

The center of the Honest Culture Journey is speaking truth and hearing truth. This is at the heart of the work. To the extent it happens, the journey becomes a place where respect is given and felt, which is a key ingredient to a healthy and high-performing team. Trust and respect are accelerators to success.

Honest Culture Journey
Clear Targets

Every journey has a destination – whether it is physical, spiritual, or emotional. There is always a reason. When a team is involved, it provides the foundation for the relationships from the very beginning. It starts with the simple question: “Why are we doing this?” Then it gets to the other key pieces of information – the who? what? where? when? and how? of our journey. There are two more key questions to answer, but this gets us started.


Our journey joins the need to achieve something and the relationship outcome of doing it as a team. This step is about all the interactions that just happen when we journey together. Things like same room/same time connections, instant texts or emails, or even slow connections such as dangling texts, unresolved emails, or other barriers to our sense of immediacy.


Journeys are fraught with movement, emotions, shortages, and lots of rerouting. The pause is an intentional event to slow down and focus people on speaking truth and, even more importantly, hearing truth. It can be a one-to-one, leader-to-many, or a team pause (three to eight people). There is no time limit, only the objective to quiet the noise of the journey to speak and hear truth from each other. An effective pause creates an emotionally safe place for all to share and a physical space to allow all to focus.


Effective journeys go beyond the simple question of “Are we there yet?” to the powerful questions of “How far have we gone?” and “What will it take to finish the journey?” This step is the action step after the pause to reset the picture of what? where? when? and how? with the most critical step to assign or reassign the who? involved. As roles and tasks shift on a journey, it is important for all teams and individuals to have clarity and alignment on the work ahead. Re-orient makes sure that happens.

More thoughts on trust...

"Trust is a gift. Great leaders learn it, give it, and earn it each day."

~ Scott Patchin

"The existence of trust does not necessarily mean they like one another, it means they understand one another."

~ Peter Drucker

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