Executive Coaching

Effective leadership requires a balance between listening, doing, and learning.

Over the past 20 years of leading and working with leaders, I have found that tremendous tension exists between managing day-to-day issues and leading toward longer term goals. Usually the leader has so much work to do that the long term suffers. This results in:

  • Little or no time to learn
  • An inability to develop the team through delegating work
  • No intentional time management habits set which allow for creating clarity on progress toward larger goals

Executive coaching focuses development on the areas that will most impact a leader’s performance and provides support to learn while working.

My expertise is on a leader’s:

  1. First 12 months in a new leadership role
  2. Development based on 360° feedback

Here is my proven process for coaching toward professional development goals. It includes equipping leaders with the tools to provide professional and career development for their team.

Please contact me to explore how coaching might answer a need you have. I always offer a free 30-60 minute conversation to help you define a plan on how you can grow your people and your business.