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Accountability, performance, A-players, execution—we use lots of words to place focus on what needs to get done without thinking about the people that need to get it done. The trUPerformance™ model was developed to remind and equip leaders to focus on the relational aspect of the work.

Trust: Without it leaders may get performance, but when they leave the room or ask for different ideas things don’t go as well. The number one goal of every leader, every day, is to build trust.

Focus: Without a plan or a target, people do not perform. Creating a target for what needs to be accomplished is critical not only to the success of an organization, but also to the development of the people.

Confidence: Ken Blanchard uses confidence and competence to help leaders determine what people need in terms of leadership and development. If the top two steps are done well, 70% of people will be going to training knowing why they are there.

Rhythm: As soon as plans are made, they start to change. The habits you develop as a leader, a leadership team, and an individual are the critical last step.

  • Have you ever built a plan only to have it sit on the shelf for years?
  • Have you ever promoted or hired someone to a new role and they failed?
  • Have you ever wondered why things do not get done when you leave?
  • Have you ever wondered why all the good ideas have to come from you?

trUPerformance™ is about building relationships and building the business.

trU Performance - Build Rhythm, Confidence, Focus, Trust

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