Tips for Gift Giving

As I created my list of favorite resources, I realized that many leaders might use these successfully as gifts. I love all of these resources, but I also recognize some key realities:

  • Not everyone likes to read
  • A gift requiring over two hours of effort is more appropriately called homework
  • Reading by yourself does not fit any performance model (see trUPerformance™)

Here are some tips for choosing a gift:

  • Stick with the * items because they are either very easy to read (short) or actionable
  • What people really need is your time, so when you give the gift agree to read it with them. This accomplishes two things:
  1. They see that you care (see the trUPerformance™ model)
  2. It will keep you disciplined to only give gifts you have read or you want to read—avoiding the homework issue.

Finally, it is very common for leaders to have problems connecting with their people. One way to remind people how important it is to be inviting and laugh a little is to give them something fun for their desk. For some ideas, try the office playground website.

Talent management is about great conversations. Use these gifts to generate one that turns into two, that turns into three, etc…

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