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Welcome to the Resource Page for my book, People-Centered Performance.  Starting on page 97 of the book I list dozens of resources that can support your ongoing development as a leader depending on what questions emerge for you after reading my book.

I believe that great conversations start with a question, so each section starts with a question that may resonate with you or a leader that you support in your organization.  This will also be updated as I find more resources and questions to help leaders become more people-centered.

One of the core values of my work is Learning + Doing = Growth.  The Doing = Work, and I am committed to supporting leaders that are focused on building their capacity to be people-centered.  I also welcome recommendations to add to this list, both questions and resources.

Listen . . Lead.  Repeat often!

Your Question:  I want to spend more time exploring my beliefs as a leader.  Who are some of the experts who have helped to form your own beliefs about what leadership looks like?




Your Question:  I see OBN leadership happening across my organization.  Things don’t seem to get done without me constantly being present to oversee them, and we have lost some of the energy and passion we had when we had when we were smaller.  How do we change that?

That’s a big question!  I offer a free 30-minute consultation on any question.  Feel free to call (616-405-1018) or contact me via email and we can set something up.


Your Question:  As I think about OBN leaders, I think I am one.  How can I get feedback and use it to start my own journey towards not being so much of an OBN leader?

    • In my blog, trUTips and templates I give lots of tips to leaders about how to have more powerful conversations that contain feedback for the leader.  Explore any of those for more information.
    • That is another big question!  I offer a free 30-minute consultation on any question.  Feel free to call (616-405-1018) or contact me via email and we can set something up.


Your Question:  I see a gap between my own intentions and actions as a leader.  I want to start today to work on having more honest conversations with my people.  What are some resources that would support me in this goal?





Your Question:  The threats section really stood out for me. Some of those threats are real to me, and I need to be more intentional about managing them.  What should be my first step?

Threats are a tricky area, only because the threats a leader sees and those their team sees are often very different.  I offer several services around helping the culture of organizations and teams change so threats are removed using conversations and habits.  Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation on any question.  Feel free to call (616-405-1018) or contact me via email and we can set something up.

If you want to try and do some of your own self exploration, below are some books that will provide some insight into some of the threats I named in this chapter.





Your Question:  I work for an OBN leader, and I don’t think I can change him/her or the culture of this organization.  I want to explore what my next career step is, and leaving the organization is a very real possibility. What do I do?

In my experience, OBN leaders don’t change on their own.  If you decide to stay and have a conversation with them, I recommend reading the book Crucial Conversations by Kenny Patterson and Joseph Grenny that I mentioned above.  In any case, focus on what you control and make a choice.  Then own the choice.

Here is a copy of a whitepaper where I outline my 5 Tips for Managing Your Career and Performance.  This will help you to drive your own development, which will also prepare you for a successful job search.



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