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The Entrepreneurial Operating System® is a proven, complete solution to get your leadership team 100% on the same page with where your organization is going and working as a healthy, functional, and cohesive team.

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People-Centered Leadership

How can People-Centered Leadership help you lead toward growth?

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Grow Your People. Grow Your Business.

Achieve healthy growth – where both the culture and the performance of the business thrive.


Helping Businesses and Leaders Achieve HEALTHY Growth

What will make your business successful? Ultimately, it is the people around you doing the right things each day. This is accomplished by having both a laser focus on a common strategy and the ability to manage the changes that happen every day in your business. HEALTHY requires a clear strategy, a leadership team that works together to manage the changes that happen in a business, and effective leadership from EVERYONE in the organization.

My expertise is in partnering with leaders of small- and medium-sized businesses to help them establish a plan for their future and the discipline/leadership to effectively move towards their goals. The complete, proven system I use is EOS, which has proven successful in helping over 5000 entrepreneurial organizations achieve a state where vision is clear, there is traction in implementing the vision, and the leadership team is a healthy, cohesive team.

EOS Implementer™

EOS Implementer™

Increase your capacity to lead by learning to lead more effectively; read more about the EOS® journey

People-Centered Leadership

People-Centered Leadership

Commit to building strong relationships with your people as a fundamental part of leading toward growth; read more about People-Centered Leadership

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Develop the areas that will most impact your performance and learn while working; read more about Executive Coaching

Entrepreneurial Operating System®

A complete and proven system with simple, practical tools to help you do 3 things we call vision, traction, healthy.

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Scott Patchin
Scott Patchin

Scott Patchin

Owner and Founder

I started The trU Group to help organizations and leaders in transition realize growth and excellence. My expertise lies in creating strategy, developing leaders, and then building and equipping both leaders and leadership teams to effectively manage growth.

After partnering independently with growth-oriented small and medium-sized businesses over the years, I saw the common obstacles and challenges they faced. I began to implement elements of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) with my clients, with great success, then certified as a Professional EOS Implementer.

EOS has helped thousands of companies around the world achieve healthy growth. Using the proven tools and process of this system, I help grow your capacity to lead as you work – essentially creating a leadership development class within your business. You develop as a leader while you grow your business.

Businesses usually turn to an outside EOS Implementer who can bring their process expertise and an unbiased view of the business. I bring a balance of academic knowledge, experience of working with hundreds of leaders, and the personal experience of leading through key business transition situations, with a passion for people-centered leadership. I have been in your shoes and have personally experienced the challenges you face.

I believe that in transitions there are tremendous opportunities for growth, and tremendous risks for both individuals and organizations. I help organizations and leaders seize those opportunities while minimizing the risks.

My values are: Serve First, Get it Done, Kindness Matters, and Learning + Doing = Growth. I don’t ask my clients to adopt these, but I do my best work when these are valued in a partner.

Please contact me for a free 30-60 minute discussion on ways I could help you develop your own capacity as a leader, develop the team around you, or grow a healthy business.

Becoming a People-Centered Leader

If you believe your people are a fundamental part of leading toward growth, and you are ready to own your development, I can help.

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Here you will find a collection of FREE resources to help grow your leadership skills, steer your organization through change, and aid in your personal and professional development. If you would like to discuss any of the topics covered in more detail, please contact me via email or call me directly (616-405-1018).

Speaker and Facilitator

Looking for an experienced speaker or facilitator?

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The biggest benefit our implementation of EOS is the organization-wide alignment that comes with utilization of the VTO to drive and measure organizational performance.

Scott is that unique type of EOS implementer who unites groups while simultaneously driving them to challenge conventional wisdom and engage in constructive debate.  Scott has pushed EQI to embrace the EOS toolkit and use it as force multiplier across our US, China, and Indian teams.

Blake H. Phillips EQI, Ltd., President & CEO

Implementing EOS® has brought better focus on our team and our business. It has improved trust amongst the leadership team so we can have constructive critical conversations. It has also provided the clarity we need to sort between the tactical and strategic work we must accomplish. EOS has greatly improved our strategic planning resulting in an easy to read and understand strategic plan that is shared with our entire organization. Scott is a sincere, compassionate person that helped our team and business be candid about our current situation, our desired future, and partnered with us to map the course to get there. He knows our business well enough to ask those outsider perspective questions to ensure they are part of our discussions. He is a great facilitator that keeps us focused, having fun, and very productive.

Torrance Richardson, A.A.E. President and CEO, Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority

EOS® has been a very effective tool for our leadership team to define our plan and get our entire organization aligned with executing it. As a facilitator, Scott provides a great combination of forward motion and quiet active listening. An added benefit of having Scott as a partner is the extra resources he provides through blogging and newsletters for his EOS® clients. He has gone above and beyond to support our success!

Donna Lowry, MD, President and CEO of Ready for School

EOS® has given our leadership team a great focus on the highest priority work and a strategic plan to share throughout our organization. As our facilitator and partner in the EOS® journey, Scott is skilled at giving a team room to talk through issues and guiding us to get back on task. Scott played a key role for us in learning to use EOS® to build and execute on our plans. One positive outcome was a 100% increase in our staff understanding the vision for our organization using the Best and Brightest Companies To Work For® survey. Implementing EOS® has had a measurable impact on our business.

Nick Nykerk, President of Lakewood Construction | 5x Winner – West Michigan Best and Brightest Companies To Work For®

Scott kept us on pace to complete and implement our strategic plan. The unexpected result was that with Scott’s guidance, the board began operating at a higher level right from the beginning of the process. We didn’t have to wait until the process concluded to realize the impact it would have on improving our association.

Tony Grover, Chairman of Michigan Venture Capital Association

As a facilitator, Scott is skilled at pulling out the best in everyone on the team, keeping the EOS® process moving and productive, and making it fun. As a leadership team we are aligned and executing at a higher level, and Scott and his skill with the EOS® process has been a key reason for that shift.

Jennifer Owens, President of Lakeshore Advantage

We worked with Scott to help us create a strategic plan and develop the capacity of our leadership team to execute on our plan while preserving the culture of our organization around our core values.  He is a skilled facilitator that kept us moving while still allowing time for the important and sometimes difficult conversations that have to happen in an effective planning process .  Scott brought a valuable perspective because of his extensive experience working with a variety of high growth organizations.  If your goal is healthy growth, I recommend Scott as a partner.

Mike Ellis, CEO of Spindance | Michigan 50 to Watch Company

We have been on EOS® for over a year now, and it has been a game changer for us.  When we made the internal decision that we wanted to implement EOS® in the spring of 2014, we knew that going through the process on our own would be difficult and having an Implementer would drastically increase our odds of success.  We reached out to Scott and he accepted to help us go through the entire implementation process as well as facilitate our full adoption of EOS® on an on-going basis throughout the past year.  Scott has been a key partner to Worksighted for 4 years now and has helped our team with coaching and leadership development.  His knowledge of EOS® and his passion for working with growing, entrepreneurial companies, has been a great combination and a perfect fit for us.  Scott’s facilitation has made the process fun, engaging, and honest.  He is 100% responsible for our ability to rapidly implement EOS® and embrace it company-wide.

Mike Harris / Mat Nguyen, Founders of Worksighted | Inc. 5000 Award (7x), Michigan 50 to Watch Company

I have done many strategic plans in my career, and the EOS® process is the best I have experienced because it helped our leadership team develop the Traction to effectively execute on our plans.  As a facilitator, Scott’s leadership of our planning session was off the charts effective.  A unique benefit of working with Scott is that he teaches while he facilitates, and I actually learned to be a more effective leader/facilitate more by watching him work.

Pat LeBlanc, CEO of EBW Electronics Inc. | Michigan Small Business Person of the Year 2015, Inc. 5000 Award (3x), Michigan 50 to Watch Company


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