Resource Page – Lighthouse Title Leadership Group

Here are copies of the sheets we used in our conversation at the Amway in Grand Rapids on 3-7-2013

Team Member Fact Sheet

Ideas to Action Sheet

Extra:  trUPerformance – Covey Time Management Matrix

One question I received was What do I do with someone who is having a negative impact on my team?. My trUTips are guides I publish to handle different situations/questions I get from leaders.  Here are links to two specific trUTips you might find helpful:

trUTips #7 – Dealing with Low Performers (here is a link to some extra video instructions)

trUTips #8 – What to do with your B-Players (here is a link to extra video instructions)

For more development resources:

If you have questions on any of this information, feel free to contact me directly.  Good luck developing yourself and your team!

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